At Four Corners, our most valuable asset is our employees, with diverse backgrounds, skills, and life experiences. We hire sharp, creative, and passionate people who work hard, play hard, and are committed to maintaining an open and friendly culture for everyone.

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Since its inception, Four Corners has been governed by our core values:

• WE PUT GUESTS FIRST: Our dedication to our guests shows in everything we do.

• DIVERSE & INCLUSIVE: We value the things that make people unique. We are committed to manning a positive work environment where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and valued.

• EXPERIENCE-FOCUSED: The secret to success? Create experiences, not spaces. We elevate food and drinks with next-level service and those little unexpected details that make for a memorable visit every time.

• FORWARD THINKING: Four Corners is at the front line of opportunity—with an eye for potential in markets, spaces, trends, and people, we anticipate new and evolving needs.

• ADAPTABLE: We will not be pigeon-holed; every new venture, venue, and partnership is a new opportunity to find our sweet spot and defy expectations.

• WORK HARD, PLAY HARD: We promote from within whenever possible and provide a work environment where lasting friendships are created, and hard work and fun go hand in hand.

• LOCALLY-MINDED: We're true to our roots as good neighbors—we give back to local schools and organizations and look to leave a positive impact in every 4C neighborhood.

Our values are a shared set of beliefs that define what is important to us and how we do business. They determine how we work together and the behaviors that are integral to our drive for success. We are one company, one team.